Use Your Spring Break to Change Lives

If you’re looking for something fun and rewarding to do that allows you to travel at an affordable rate for Spring Break, you may want to check out Auburn University Alternative Student Breaks (ASB). The mission of ASB is to encourage an affordable, substance free experimental service learning project that encourages an understanding of pressing social issues in a significant way. “Essentially, we take trips to help people in need whether it is for healthcare or home construction, but we alway

NSBE Spotlights Students and Faculty at Black Girls Rock Event

The Auburn University chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), recently hosted their first annual Black Girls Rock event Saturday, March 25th. Inspired by the awards ceremony created by the television network, BET, it was put on to recognize and honor some of Auburn’s African American female student body and faculty. Their leadership roles in various organizations on campus, along with their involvement within the local community and academic achievements made them fit for hono

Meet our Nurses! | Blog | Camp ASCCA

All of our staff members play a vital role in how successful a day at Camp is. But there's one group of staff members in particular whose role is probably one of the most important ones at Camp. Everyday, our nurses are hard at work sorting and distributing meds to all the campers at designated times and making sure everyone, including staff, are safe and in good health for the day’s activities. We've got some amazing nurses on Summer Staff this year and we thought it'd be nice to introduce them

Meal Prepping, Baby Edition

You breathe a sigh of relief as you make your way across the threshold, entering your humble abode after a long day’s work. Lucky for you, what’s for dinner is the least of your worries thanks to your meal prepping earlier in the week! A popular task amongst those with a busy lifestyle, meal prepping has become the ideal way to optimize one's time and essentially, make life a little bit easier. According to, it’s also much healthier and saves you money in the long run. Bu

Mommy & Me Fitness Class: Your Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

The New Year has officially begun and we’re all in the process of kick starting those New Year’s Resolutions we anxiously jotted down a few weeks back! Maybe some of those resolutions include things like; spending more time with your kids, curating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, figuring out how to balance parenting and still making time for yourself, working out more, etc. If this sounds anything like the goals you’ve set for 2018, Vinehouse Nursery has just what you’re looking

Tis the Season for a Healthy Baby

Holiday season has come upon us and there are so many things to be excited for! Maybe you’re traveling and spending the Holidays in a different city this year. Or, maybe you’re imagining the elaborate spread of delicious food you’ll have. And we can’t forget about the most exciting part of it all…spending quality time with the ones you love the most. As you share laughs and reminisce on childhood memories, you gaze across the room at your own little one, while they get lots of hugs and kisses f

culpwrit » Emerging Leaders Prove Diverse Groups Achieve Better Results

Most recently, I was selected along with three other fellow Auburn University students, to represent its Public Relations program at the very first Plank Center Challenge for Emerging Leaders. This two-day intensive workshop at the University of Alabama was presented by the Plank Center and several sponsors. It was jam packed with several keynote speakers, professional education and advancement opportunities and fellowship with peers from various surrounding universities. Prior to the official

Music Therapy: A Unique Approach to Quality Learning

“I would teach children music, physicas and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” – Plato Here at Vinehouse Nursery, we thoroughly agree with the great philosopher, Plato’s, belief that music is essential to a child’s learning environment. Therefore, Music Therapy is one of the many offerings we happily provide for our seedlings and sprouts! Embedded into the Mother Goose Time Curriculum, your child(ren) have a daily opport

Farewell Orange and Blue

Today I walked out of my last class of undergrad. Man….what a journey it has been. These four years have been definitely been an emotional roller coaster. But the lessons I’ve learned, experiences had and friendships I’ve gained, I wouldn’t dare trade them. All of it has helped shape and mold me into the person I’ve become today. I remember my family dropping me off at Leischuck hall in August of 2013. We said our final goodbyes and I watched out of my window as they drove off, headed back home

I Prayed for Someone Today

My childhood best friend graduated from college this past weekend, and I thought a great book would be the perfect gift for a recent grad. I decided to go on the other side of town because I knew there was a Barnes and Nobles in that area, even though I passed a similar shopping outlet on the way that probably had one, too. The thought did cross my mind that I could have just stopped there but for some reason I was like what the heck I’ll just go where I know there is one, for sure. Now I have

News Release

R&B Hair Co. Continues Work on Making Products Safer for Consumers New York, N.Y. (February 26, 2016) – Tia and Tammera Lowry, co-founders of R&B Hair Co., met with Mansfield-King Manufacturing to discuss how to eliminate the inclusion of synthetic fragrances in their products, and replacing them with something more natural like essential oil fragrances. R&B Hair Co. values their customer’s well-being and loyalty to the company, therefore deeming it necessary to eliminate any potential dangers


New York, N.Y. (March 23, 2016) – On March 5, 1985, twins Tia and Tammera Lowry were born to Mike and Tina Lowry. Since birth the two always had a head full of hair with texture that represented their multicultural roots. With no products in store doing the trick, and having two girls with so much hair, mother Tina started making her own hair care products. They worked extremely well for her and the girls’ hair, and soon became a favorite among the other women in the neighborhood. As Tia and Ta

Media Advisory

Who: Tia and Tammera Lowry R&B Hair Co. Founders What: Pop-up Shop of R&B Hair Co. Professional product line. Fox and Jane Hair Salon is serving as a venue, allowing R&B Hair Co. to host their event and sell their products there. Where: Fox and Jane Hair Salon. 288 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Parking available in front and back of salon. Why: R&B Hair Co. is committed to providing innovative hair products for African American women who normally rock their hair in its naturally curly, wavy,